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Polaris EX

Polaris EX
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: POL-EX
Price: $79.95
Select Color:
Polaris EX Prop version-No decals $79.95
Polaris EX Prop version-Navy decals $89.95
Polaris EX EDF version-No decals $79.95
Polaris EX EDF version-Navy decals $89.95
Additional Motor Mount:
Prop mount $10
EDF mount $10
Select Motor:
2212-6 2200 kv $19.95 (recommended for prop version)
2212-10 1400 kv $19.95
RC Lander 68 mm EDF $99.95 (includes fan & motor assembled) *Out of Stock*
Select ESC:
Spin Max 40 amp ESC $29.95 (suitable for prop version)
Maytech 70 Amp ESC $69.95 (suitable for prop or EDF) *Out of Stock*
Select Heat Sink:
ESC heat sink $4.95
Select Servos:
Metal gear ball bearing servos (qty. 3) $33.00 Save $5.00!
Read carefully before ordering!

The Polaris EX can be ordered as a prop version or EDF version. The kit will include one motor mount for that version. If you want to be able to switch between prop and EDF you will need to purchase a second motor mount listed above.

Note that a selection is required in each category above, even if the selection is "None".

View Polaris EX Build Guide

We’re excited to introduce the Polaris EX seaplane parkflyer! Based on the Polaris design by Steve Shumate and inspired by Laddie Mikulasko’s North Star seaplane, we’ve incorporated some design changes worthy of a new model!

The most notable feature of the Polaris EX is it’s power system flexibility. It can be built as a prop plane or EDF utilizing the new 10 blade RC Lander 68 mm EDF. And the power systems can be swapped out in less than 10 minutes! She flies equally well on both power systems but we prefer the incredible sound of the new lightweight EDF. With an AUW of 28 oz. the EDF performance is exceptional!

The kit features simple sheet foam construction and the plane boasts excellent handling qualities, both in the air and on the water. In flight this model is smooth and stable, yet also very aerobatic. On the water it tracks straight as an arrow and takes off and lands effortlessly.

Recommended power setups include:

• Spin Max (Suppo) 2212-06 motor (high power), 1800 to 2200 mAh 11.1V lipo battery, 40 amp ESC with heat sink, APC 6x4E prop

• Spin Max (Suppo) 2212-10 motor (mid power), 1300 to 2200 mAh 11.1V lipo battery, 30/40 amp ESC with heat sink, APC 7x5E prop

• RC Lander 68 mm 10 blade EDF, 2500 to 2700 mAh 11.1 lipo battery, 70 amp ESC

Note that to achieve top performance, EDF’s require a higher quality battery relative to prop driven planes. We recommend a 45C or higher rated battery.


Wing area: 343 sq in
Span: 29.0"
Length: 38.4"
Weight RTF: 18 to 22 oz prop, 28 oz EDF
Wing loading: 8.4 oz/sq ft
Motor: Spin Max 2212-06 or 2212-10, RC Lander 68 mm EDF
Battery: 1300 to 2700 mAh 11.1V
Prop: APC 6x4E for 2212-6 motor, 7x5E for 2212-10 motor
Max Current: 16 amps (2212-10) to 22 amps (2212-6), 55 amps EDF
Watts: 240 watts prop, 550 Watts EDF
Power loading: 190 watts/lb for 2212-6 motor
Speed control: 30-70 amp with heat sink or venting recommended
Receiver: 4 channel
Flight controls: Elevator, ailerons, rudder, throttle


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