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Maytech 70 amp ESC w/SBEC

Maytech 70 amp ESC w/SBEC
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Price: $69.95
The Maytech 70 amp ESC features a 5.5V/4 amp switching BEC (SBEC) This means the ESC will run cooler and perform better than a typical ESC with a linear BEC. We sourced this specifically for the Aqua Jet which put a high demand on an ESC since it is sealed in the fuse. We recommend that a heatsink or vents be used on the Aqua Jet.

This is a very high quality ESC and is fully programmable with transmitter or program card.


•5.5V/4 amp switching BEC (SBEC) •Supports 2-6 cell lipo packs, 5-18 cell nicd/nimh •Support High RPM motors.
•Circle menu setting is simple.
•Power arming protection: Prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON
•Lost Throttle signal protection: The ESC will automatically reduce output power to the motor when it detects a lost of throttle signal for 1 second. A subsequent loss of throttle signal beyond 3 seconds will cause the ESC automatically to cut power to the motor.
•Safety thermal over-load protection: Automatically reduce output power to half when the temperature reaches 110 derees C, restore output power when the temperature is below 110 degrees C.
•Can continuously provide power to the motor.
•Acceleration: Provides quick acceleration start ups with a linear throttle response.
•Governor Mode: For Helicopter application
•With latest humanize software design, especially for all types of brushless motor.
•New advanced programming software


•Brake Setting: on/off Note:Factory default setting: off
•Battery type: LiPo /NiMh/NiCad Note: Factory default setting: 3 Li- Poly
•Under voltage protection (Low voltage cutoff type):

Cutoff Options:

•Reduce motor speed to half throttle
•Cut off: Stop motor immediately
•Ignore: Motor won't stop until battery totally gone)
Note: Factory default setting: Reduce power
•Soft start (Acceleration): very soft/ soft/ start acceleration Note. Factory default setting: Soft start: Enable

Timing Options:

•Automatic: (7-30 degree)
•Soft: (7 -22 degree)
•Hard :( 22-30 degree)
Note. Factory default setting: Automatic
•Frequency: 8 KHz/ 16 KHz, Factory default setting: 8 KHz
•Heli Governor Mode: Factory default setting: rpm control off

Program Card Available


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